How To Do Chakra Meditation - How to heal yourself with Chakra meditation
As our lives become busy the tension in our bodies is expressed – shoulders tighten, headaches become more frequent and our bodies just feel imbalanced. Bringing ourselves back to a stable well-being can be accomplished best through the practice of Chakra Meditation. This fascinating form of introspection encompasses the idea that our body has ‘focal points’ that we can put emphasis on during our meditation to bring balance and center back to our lives.

7 main chakras
Chakras are translated from the Sanskrit language to mean ‘Wheel’. This wheel contains seven main areas to concentrate on, to spin the wheel in a healthy and stable life – Root, Sacral, Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. These Chakras are an umbrella for many various parts of our mental and physical health. They contain colors, elements and healing techniques to achieve wellness. When one of our Chakras becomes “closed” our flow is off, tension and imbalance increase and we become both mentally and physically ill. Another chakra can take over (or sometimes under) compensating for the ‘broken’ part of the wheel. This creates all kinds of tumult for our bodies.

The basis for Chakra Meditation is to learn the art of opening our Chakras and resuming good flow to all parts of the physical and emotional – restoring equilibrium throughout.
The Seven Chakras and Their Purpose
Root Chakra

This energy source controls our feeling of being grounded and comfortable in situations. If the Root is off we suddenly feel nervous or extremely self-conscious.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is the key source of our sexuality and emotional availability. When the Sacral Chakra is off we become inward and closed to intimacy or perhaps an overactive sacral chakra would become too quickly connected and attached inappropriately.

Navel Chakra

The core of our most intimate self-worth, the Navel Chakras functioning is important to holding onto the healthy regard of inner self. When this chakra is not functioning well we become jealous, disappointed and sad within.

Heart Chakra

Learning to accept yourself as well as the ability to love others is all based in the Heart Chakra. When the Heart Chakra is not functioning well, you can become shut off from the world or the opposite, you become too dependent on people to measure your own love and acceptance.

Throat Chakra

As its name implies, the Throat Chakra is our voice. The ability to express ourselves and be heard is all in the hands of the effectiveness of this chakra. When it is off, we suddenly become shy or introverted or perhaps too expressive and domineering.

Third Eye Chakra

This focal point holds our ability to learn and grow from experiences. When it is not functioning well we can become naïve, easily taken advantage of or not focused on reality – often referred to as living in a dream world.

Crown Chakra

Our spiritual or religious bonds are maintained in the Crown Chakra. When it does not flow correctly, our entire perception of truth seems wrong or off. We question things we used to firmly believe or pontificate without thinking things through.

Suggestions For Healing Your Chakras

Chakras are all connected to points on our body. Getting ourselves back in unison means a form of meditation that incorporates visualization, verbal chants and also often includes aromatherapy with incense. Deep concentration and introspection are also necessary to discover where the emotional feelings are taxing the body and how to heal them both.

One of the more difficult forms of meditation, Chakra Meditation can be mastered well with the study of the Chakra chart above, the representation of the color and element for that Chakra, as well as its purpose and location on the body. Review of the vocal chants required for each Chakra is also a key component. Chakra Mediation teaches the process of putting our Whole Selves back together again.

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