Why Are You Thinking About Meditating?
Anyone who read Eat, Pray, Love, or skipped the book and went straight for the movie, knows the power of a personal journey. We are all over worked, over stressed and over tired at the end of each day, as we drone one week into another. Now, imagine you could take all that stress and monotony and trade it in for moments of calm, clarity and peace. Meditation is the key to another realm of being that can literally change your life - for free. It is a no gym membership required way to improve your overall health and well-being.
Do You Know What Meditation Really Is?
It's a common thought that Meditation is just repeating a phrase over and over. Others have visions of sitting like a pretzel and waiting until something big happens to their body. In reality, Meditation is the art of being consciously mindful - learning to let your mind go wherever it needs to go, not judging those thoughts just accepting them in mind, body and spirit. Meditation is the ability to give ourselves a break both literally and figuratively. It is a freeing, beautiful experience and once mastered can be done anywhere, at any time bringing a renewed sense of self to the table.
Is Meditation Right For You - How Meditation Can Benefit You?
I hear you – you're not that crunchy, tree hugging, nature lover so why bother with something so "Earthy" as Mediation? Well, let me tell you that anyone and everyone can benefit enormously from learning this ancient holistic practice.

Physical Benefits Of Meditating

Physiologically speaking Meditation has been proven to increase blood flow, slow heart rate, help with anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, curb binge eating habits and that's just to name a few! It has been instrumental in helping thousands with depression and high blood pressure as well. The health benefits of controlled breathing and learning to calm the body really do have medically proven results resulting in a much less stressful life.

Mental Benefits Of Meditating

Psychologically, the benefits of Meditation are huge. Learning to empty the mind, so to speak, allows you the clarity to be more productive, increase self-confidence, motivation and learn will-power. Stress management techniques learned through Meditating is the number one reason psychologists recommend this practice. It is also the number one reason non-believers become advocates of Meditation.

Spiritual Benefits Of Meditating

Spiritually, one can flourish greatly from Meditation. Learning to be in sync with the Mind-Body experience can allow you to reach heights of awareness, appreciation to a higher Being and free your mind up to the idea of self-acceptance - flaws and all. Many religions naturally incorporate prayer and meditation as their foundations and learning how to meditate properly can bring you inner serenity and peace.
Which Type Of Meditation Fits In With Your Life Style?
Meditation is actually an umbrella for many different types and techniques of practice. Yoga, probably the most popular form of meditation is usually taught in classrooms all across the country. It focuses on flexibility and achieving stress-reducing, inner peace. Aside from Yoga, there are also many other Meditation techniques available. Mantra Meditation is a practice of repetitious phrases repeated over and over to calm the inner mind and open it up to self-actualization and acceptance. Guided Meditation is just that, a teacher will often aid in using the senses and the art of visualization to calm and open the mind. It is important to do your homework, finding the right technique that works for you and your life.

Meditation is literally a life-changing experience that will help you reduce stress, grow in your inner calm and feel more confident about you and the health of your body. The best part about it – there is no 'right' way to Meditate. Research, practice and enjoy living a better life.